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Quick piece inspired by my thesis research on the moa. I used it to experiment with using coloured lines instead of the black lines that I usually use. It’s not perfect (I redrew that leg five zillion times and this is the least terrible one I did) but it was more for practice (and a new twitter background).

(click hi res for a bigger version)

I did a poster design for a movie night run by the Macquarie University Museum Appreciation Society. The theme was ‘Night at the Museum’ so I started off with a homage to the poster for that film. It really didn’t work for the format they wanted, so I adapted the ideas into what you see above. You can see the full poster displayed on a big screen at the university! It’s so cool!

Incidentally, the movie night is on tomorrow night in the university’s Ancient Cultures Museum (X5B) at 6pm. There will be sweets.

Sketch of Deinocheirus mirificus, based on what was coming out of SVP 2013. Then I read the abstract of the paper describing the remains of this dinosaur and it turns out I made the sail too small (might be more like that in the simple sketch at the top). Whoops. But it still gets across how unexpectedly weird Deinocheirus turned out to be. 

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